About us

We are R&D oriented startup and we are now developing World’s 1st authomated tracker of tampon usage (patent pending).


We are also on a mission giving initiative for proper education of young girls and women, supporting providers of educations (in schools, hospitals, private gynecologists) and providing relevant information directly to all menstruated women.


Research among 250 female college students between 17 and 21 years of age and 90 primary care physicians showed that 19% use pads, 29% use tampons, and 52% use both, with a total of 81% using tampons alone or in combination.

Among female physicians that are pad users 92% was citing fear of toxic shock syndrome as a reason for their choice.*

70% of menstruating women in North America and Europe use tampons and:

  • they have hard time tracking their tampon usage (for modern women occupied with 100+ tasks from professional and personal life time just flies by),
  • their biggest fear is toxic shock syndrome (TSS). However, if you ask them, very small percentage of women can tell you what the signs of TSS are and they are afraid of not recognizing the signs of TSS,
  • they can lose a tampon and sometimes they even don’t know about it.

TAMPON TRACK will improve life quality for many women and other tampon users Worldwide.

TAMPON TRACK will allow women to track tampon usage and to have quick access to many informations regarding tampon usage, like reminder and critical alarm, scientific findings/articles regarding tampon usage, producers instruction, signs of TSS (early recognition of TSS and antibiotic administration are key to improving patient outcomes and reducing mortality) and other useful information.

267 M = tampon users N America + Europe

41%USE TAMPON OVER 6 h during the day
10%FORGET TO REMOVE A TAMPON before inserting a new one

Numbers are valid for France – source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7201028/