Dear tampon users,


I am the reason that TAMPON TRACK is here and my partner and co-founder is the creator of the technological idea of the TAMPON TRACK BOX. We are developing this project so it can serve all tampon users, not just me.


I have been using tampons since I was 15 years old. Honestly, I do not imagine using pads during the day anymore. I want to have the liberty of movement that tampons provide me, and I am not alone – approximately 70% of menstruating women in North America and Europe feel the same and use tampons.

I know that there is always the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Always. But I also know that this risk exists even if I don’t use tampons, it is just smaller than in the case that I am using them. And I also know I can lower the risk by following recommendations and rules.


Because of my personal experience my partner decided that that’s it: we need to do something to solve the problem of tracking tampon usage and pushed me to start and study about this field. I noticed that wrong beliefs and lack of information regarding tampons and menstrual cups are like a disease spreading much too quickly and not being stopped because there is simply not enough information about it.


I try to follow Socrates who said:” The only good is education and the only evil is ignorance.”


I believe we can make a real difference in this World by:

  • providing innovations,
  • educating,
  • pushing others to spread the right information,
  • motivating producers to follow new findings.

Are you thinking like me? Back us up and support us by spreading the word about us.

Let’s change the World together!